FIT Show: Launching Comar 7P.i FSDX  The Next Generation of Aluminium Folding/Sliding Bi-Fold on Comar Stand E30

Comar  7P.i  FSDX: The Next Generation of Aluminium Folding Sliding Bi-fold Door has Arrived from Comar.

FSDX: offering the eXtra-factor to fabricators and installers alike.

Superior, stabilised rolling action with the quietest roller in the industry and improved weight bearing capacity means fit-once and reduced call-outs.

The new outer-frame is one profile which is used for the track, jambs and head reducing stock-holding and is a mitre-frame construction. There are 2 crimping options: pinned cleats for creating pre-assembled outer frames that can be shipped to site or mechanical cleats which means the outer-frame can be shipped to assemble on site – a key consideration when larger door sets are to be installed.

Comar is British by Design