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Comar 7P.i FSDX

The next generation of aluminium bi-fold, folding sliding door has arrived from Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems.

Comar FSDX: Superior, stabilised rolling action with the quietest roller in the industry and improved weight bearing capacity means  fit-once and reduced call outs.  The new outer-frame is one profile and is used for the track and jambs which reduces stock holding. It is a mitre frame construction with 2 crimping options: pinned cleats for creating pre-assembled outer frames that can

be shipped to site or mechanical cleats which means the outer-frame can be shipped to assemble on site – a key consideration when larger door sets are to be installed.

Comar FSDX eXtra Roller

The stainless steel dual roller seamlessly integrates with the stainless steel running track, with a stabiliser the wheels always remain in contact with the track. The weight bearing capacity is increased to 120Kg which with the FSDX’s glazing pocket of 62mm triple glazed or acoustic glass can easily be incorporated.

Comar FSDX eXtra – Track

Superior thermal performance with integrated stainless-steel rail means that low U-values and continued performance are guaranteed.  The intelligent design of the profile means the same profile is used for the jambs and the head, providing mitre frame construction.

Comar FSDX eXtra – Glazing

The view out of the FSDX door offers the homeowner that little bit eXtra. With the slimmest sightlines available of 60mm, the doors maximise daylighting into the home.

Comar FSDX eXtra – Hinges

The new hinge design incorporates a central gasket strip, which actively reduces hinge gasket prep and site installation.


Comar Launch 5P.i & 7P.i ECO LT Window & Door Systems

Designed specifically for the British Market and offering a truly British engineered solution.  Comar ECO LT is a newly launched aluminium window and door system designed for the trade and installer market, where a competitive price yet the highest installed performance is required. Sightlines have been minimised whilst not sacrificing product performance. Large sizes come as standard from the same range of profiles.

With low U-values, energy ratings of A++ and Document Q compliance with  Secured by Design status this is a feature rich system which guarantees a quality installation.


5P.I ECO LT – Aluminium Window System

Comar 5P.i ECO LT Aluminium Casement Window System has both internally and externally glazed options. With the resurgence of slim aluminium high security externally beaded with sloped beads minimises the sight lines and maximises daylight.

7P.i ECO LT – Aluminium Door System

Comar 7P.i ECO LT Aluminium Door System has both inward and outward opening options in single or double door combinations. There are two thresholds available high weather performance and low-rise for seamless balcony terrace integration.  Comar 7P.i ECO LT door has been designed to provide high performance solutions for today’s specification demands.

Asthetics come from its slim 55mm profiles, seamlessly integrating with the Comar 5P.i ECO LT casement window system.

Comar: British by Design

Comar 9P.i Integrated High Performance Systems

Comar 9P.i High Performance Window, Door & Framing System

After extensive research and consultation with key supply partners, Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems deliver the Comar 9P.i High Performance Window, Door and Framing System.

Research indicated that a thermally efficient future-proof facade system was required, with off-site manufacture and value engineering solutions that actively seek to reduce material content.

Comar 9P.i High Performance framing offers two options of construction, ladder frame or mitre frame.  Comar 9P.i windows and 9P.i doors can be hung directly from the frame, reducing the need for additional outer frames, creating a truly integrated solution.

Building typologies differ from refurbishment to new build, so Comar 9P.i has profiles widths from 78mm, 100mm and 120mm creating greater design flexibility.

There are three levels of thermal performance, standard, multi-chamber and multi-chamber thermal foam, creating U-values of between 1.6 to 1.0 for a typical grid size with opening vents.

Comar 9P.i has slim 65mm sight-lines to meet that architecturally demanded aesthetics are achieved.  Glazing lines are flush, maintaining consistent lines for a sleek external facade providing straight interfacing with walls, internal floors and partitions.  Consideration is also given for plaster-lines with profiles to cater for differing situations.

Comar 9P.i windows can be open-in or open-out side, top or bottom hung and a tilt and turn option, offering unobtrusive ventilation. Comar 5P.i Vertical Sliding Windows and Horizontal Windows can also be integrated into the Comar 9P.i framing.

Glazing sizes have been catered for up to 62mm meaning that future requirements for high performing acoustic or triple glazed projects can be specified.




Comar 9Pi. The Next Generation of Framing Systems, includes:

  • New Comar 9P.i & Comar 9P.i high performance window and door suite.
  • Value Engineered: Windows and Doors hang directly from Comar 9P.i Framing, reducing metal content
  • Fast-track fabrication, off-site construction.
  • British Standards BS 6375, PAS 23 and PAS 24
  • Security approved Secured by Design
  • Dual colour options with all finishes: anodising with a 35-year guarantee, polyester powder coating, a 25-year guarantee with RAL colours from Interpon and Syntha Pulvin
  • Value engineering opportunities creating cost efficiencies
  • Low-rise thresholds and wide doors to cater for DDA
  • Up to two storey facades, with 3000mm spans at 1500mm centres
  • Low U-values 1.6 – 1.0
  • High span mullions and transoms
  • Slim 65mm, sight-lines
  • Flexibility: Profile width 80mm, 100mm & 120mm
  • Three options of thermal performance, standard, multi-chambered, thermal foam
  • Flush glazing seamless opening vents
  • Glass lines on one plane
  • Integrates with existing Comar 5P.i windows and Comar 7 Doors
  • Flexible fabrication mitre frame construction or ladder frame construction

For further technical information or pricing, contact Comar’s Marketing Department on

020 8685 2318, email or visit


Innovation Delivered – Passivhaus Certified Window

Comar 10 offers a new departure; a Passivhaus Certified “B” product with U-values as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by up to 70%.

The Comar 10 window range includes:

Inward opening, tilt & turn and fixed lights and are internally beaded and glazed.

    • U-values as low as 0.66 W/m2K
    • Cut manufacturing costs by 70%
    • Certified by Passivhaus Institute for cool temperature areas
    • Future-proof & energy saving
    • High thermal insulation with ground breaking technology
    • 90mm deep outer frames
    • Minimal care & maintenance

Comar 6EFT – Curtain Walling

The term Curtain Wall, is typically used to describe a building façade which does not carry any dead load from the building other than its own load.  The load is transferred to the building’s main structure through connections at the floors or columns of the building.  The curtain wall will be designed to resist air and water infiltration as well as the wind loading forces on the building.

Today’s design complexity, requirements for aesthetics and complex building shapes are key considerations. Aluminium offers the unique advantage of easily being extruded and manufactured into almost any custom shape with ease.  With the current focus on energy efficiency, designs must also take into account ‘thermal’ criteria and thermal breaks are incorporated.  These breaks provide a significant decrease in the thermal conductivity of the curtain walling.  The science of curtain walls now means that aspects such as thermal expansion and contraction, building movement, water diversion and thermal efficiency for cost effective heating, cooling and the lighting of a building are    in-built to the system and its design.

To provide a flexible approach to aluminium facade engineering Comar’s 6EFT Curtain Walling System utilises European wide design and extrusion expertise with Comar’s market leading supply, support and delivery.  With its exceptional design flexibility, Comar 6EFT provides high performance solutions for both new build and refurbishment façades. It is a flexible standardised system that provides bespoke solutions. Comar’s 6EFT delivers curtain walling with 50mm standardised sightlines and includes options for:

  • 4sided structural glazing which achieves a cutting edge façade with no visible aluminium sight lines.
  • 2sided structural glazing with horizontal or vertical capping, concealed vents where a feature and bespoke finish can be achieved through a variety of cover caps.

All systems can include side or top hung opening vents and roof glazing. Facetted glazing options for all systems are available in 7.5 o increments both convex and concave.

Comar 6EFT ‘stick build’ is regarded as a fast installation system both on-site  or in the factory. It can be installed as stick build mullions with transoms then inserted or intermediate ladders joined with transoms on site. The system is pressure equalised ensuring water drains freely to the outside.  Comar 6EFT has undergone rigorous tests for the latest BS and EN standards at Taywood Engineering Ltd., with exceptional results: Air Permeability – Class AE 750, Water Tightness – Class RE 750 and Wind Resistance – 2400 Pa, Safety 3600 pa.

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems is the largest British, privately owned aluminium systems company in Europe. Comar designs, extrudes and distributes over 700 integrated profiles to a Nationwide approved fabricator network for use in aluminium ground floor treatment, window, door and curtain walling applications.

For further technical information or pricing, contact Comar’s Marketing Department on 020  8685  9685 or email:

Comar: Designed for Performance, Backed by Delivery






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